IOS App Permissions

IOS App Permissions

If you use Pharma Go on iOS, we’ll ask you for permission to enable certain features when they require additional information from your device. (If you're an Android user, please see our Android App Permissions.)

 Below are more details on the permissions we ask for and the data we collect. 

You can edit your Pharma Go permissions anytime by going into the Settings app on your device. 

Location Services You'll see a request for permission to access your location information when you sign up for Pharma Go.

 As a default, the app asks for your location "while using the app."

If you opt in, the app will collect and send location data to Pharma Go's servers while you're using the app. 

We use location data to find drivers that are near you and help them navigate to your pickup spot.

 We also use it to display trip history in your receipts, to understand and resolve support tickets, to troubleshoot and solve software bugs, and generally to customize and improve the location-based services we provide. 

If you opt out of the location permission, you can still use Pharma Go by manually entering your pickup address before requesting a ride.

 Learn more about your location choices in our Help Centre. Contacts We’ll ask you for permission to access your contacts if you choose to use certain features such as when you refer a friend to Pharma Go, split a fare, or share your ETA.

 If you opt in, the app will be able to access the address book on your phone and display the contacts within the Pharma Go app so you can easily scroll and select the right contact without jumping between apps. Pharma Go will not share your contacts with anyone else or reach out to any of your contacts on your behalf without your permission. 

If you choose not to use this permission, you can manually enter contact information anytime you split fares, share an ETA, refer a friend, or use other social features in the app.

 Push Notifications After you sign up for Pharma Go, but before you request your first ride, you’ll be asked to choose whether you want to receive push notifications.

 If you opt in, the Apple Push Notification Service generates a unique token for your device and shares it with Pharma Go so we can send Push Notifications to your phone . 

You can read more about how Apple Push Notifications work here. 

If you opt out of Push Notifications, you'll still receive updates about your Pharma Go trips by text message (these communications are not optional) and as well as email receipts. 

You can update your preferences in your phone's Settings app.

 Microphone In some regions, riders and drivers can talk to each other while the driver is en route to the pick-up spot, without relying on the phone app or telephone networks. 

In these markets, we ask for the microphone permission to enable that feature and it is only used to facilitate rider-driver communication. 

If you opt out of this permission, you'll still be able to call your driver through your phone app using the anonymized number provided in the Pharma Go app. 

Camera The Pharma Go app will ask to access your camera when you add a photo to your Pharma Go profile (if you select "Take New" instead of "Choose Existing") or when you scan your credit card and add it to your account. 

This is faster than entering the number by hand, but you can still choose to do so manually.

 Pharma Go doesn’t store the image of your credit card.

 You can still add an existing photo to your user profile by granting access to your Photos (see below). 

Photos You'll see this dialog when you add an existing photo to your Pharma Go user profile.

If you don't want to provide access to your Photos, you can take a new photo for your Pharma Go user profile by providing access your phone's Camera (see above).

 Questions? For more information about our privacy practices, please review our Privacy Policy.