Android App Permissions

Android App Permissions 

When you use the Pharma Go app on Android devices with the latest operating system, we’ll ask you for permission to enable certain features when they require additional information from your device. 

Below you can find more details about why Pharma Go asks for these permissions and what data is collected. 

Click on any of the permissions and you'll be directed to Google's official explanation. (If you're an iOS user, please see our iOS App Permissions.) 

Please note, older versions of the Android operating system (before Android M) don’t show users these prompts.

 Instead, users are shown a list of all the permissions an app requests at the time of installation. 

The permissions listed below include both those that are surfaced as prompts (in the current operating system) as well as those that are listed to users at install time (on older versions of the operating system). 

Identity find accounts on the device add or remove accounts read your own contact card These permissions allow Pharma Go to auto-fill your email address, first name, last name, and phone number from your contact card when you sign up. If you already have a Google Sign-In or Google Wallet account on your device, Pharma Go can also use these permissions to auto-fill your email address and allow you to pay using Google Wallet. 

Your email address and encrypted Google Wallet payment profile are shared with Pharma Go to send you receipts and obtain payments through Google Wallet.

 Contacts read your contacts We’ll ask you for this permission to access your contacts if you choose to use certain features such as when you refer a friend to Pharma Go, split a fare, or share your ETA. 

If you opt in, the app will be able to access the address book on your phone and display the contacts within the Pharma Go app so you can easily scroll and select the right contact without jumping between apps.

 Pharma Go will not share your contacts with anyone else or reach out to any of your contacts on your behalf without your permission.

 If you choose not to use this permission, you can manually enter contact information anytime you split fares, share an ETA, refer a friend, or use other social features in the app.

 Location approximate location (network-based) precise location (GPS- and network-based) You'll see a request to access your location information when you sign up for Pharma Go. 

If you opt in, the app will collect and send location data to Pharma Go's servers anytime you're using the app or on a trip. 

We use location data to find drivers near you and help them navigate to your pickup spot. 

We also use it to display trip history in your receipts, to understand and resolve support tickets, to troubleshoot and solve software bugs, and generally to customize and improve the location-based services we provide.

 In addition to your device GPS, we may use other methods to improve the accuracy of this information if Location Services are enabled, including satellite and nearby wifi signals. 

If you opt out of the location permission, you can still use Pharma Go by manually entering your pickup address before requesting a ride. 

Learn more about your location choices in our Help Center article. 

SMS receive text messages (SMS) send SMS messages (SMS) read your text messages (SMS or MMS) When you sign up for Pharma Go, we send a 4-digit verification code, via SMS/EMAIL, to the mobile number/email address that you provide. 

The “Receive SMS” permission allows the Pharma Go app to look for that incoming SMS message and automatically verify your mobile number. 

In some regions, our integrations with third party Payment processors require the "Read SMS" permission in order to facilitate two-factor-authentication (2FA). 

The "Read SMS" permission is only requested when required for these integrations. 

Only the content of verification and 2FA messages are sent to our servers. The “Send SMS” permission lets you automatically send invites to contacts you choose without leaving the Pharma Go app.

 It is also used in the 2FA scenario described above. We will never send invites to your contacts without your direction.

 Phone directly calls phone numbers The app requests access to initiate phone calls in the phone app so you can contact your driver with one click within the Pharma Go app. 

Photos/Media/Files read the contents of your USB storage modify or delete the contents of your USB storage The mapping libraries in the app use these permissions to save map data to your phone's storage, like SD cards. 

By saving map data locally, your phone doesn't need to re-download the same map data every time you use the Pharma Go app.

Microphone In some regions, riders and drivers can talk to each other within the app, while the driver is en route to the pick-up spot, without relying on the phone app or telephone networks.

 In these markets, we ask for the microphone permission to enable that feature and it is only used to facilitate rider-driver communication. 

If you opt out of this permission, you'll still be able to call your driver through your phone using the anonymized number provided in the Pharma Go app. 

Camera take pictures and videos The Pharma Go app will ask to access your camera when you add a photo to your Pharma Go profile (if you select "Take New" instead of "Choose Existing") or when you scan your credit card and add it to your account.

This is faster than entering the number by hand, but you can still choose to do so manually. 

Pharma Go doesn’t store the image of your credit card. 

You can still add an existing photo to your user profile by granting access to your Photos. 

Wi-Fi Connection Information view Wi-Fi connections Pharma Go uses this permission to see if a Wi-Fi connection is available, which helps improve the speed and accuracy of data used to display maps in the app. 

Device ID & Call Information read phone status and identity This permission is used with your own contact information to auto-fill your mobile number and country when you sign up for Pharma Go.

 You can edit this information once your account is created.

 This permission also includes your Android device ID, which is shared with Pharma Go for fraud prevention. 

Other use accounts on the device This permission creates Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) tokens that Pharma Go uses to send you notifications. 

read Google service configuration** This permission is required by Google Play Services to use Google web-based services (Google Maps API v2 in Pharma Go's case). 

Google doesn't explicitly provide documentation for this permission, but the above link will refer you to the relevant documentation around using the Google Maps Android API.

 modify system settings Pharma Go uses this permission to improve data used to display maps. full network access This permission is required to access the internet, including communicating with Pharma Go's servers, connecting with third-party services, and downloading map data. 

control vibration This permission allows the Pharma Go app to vibrate your phone when something important happens, e.g. when you receive a notification that your driver has arrived. 

prevent device from sleeping This permission wakes up your phone when a notification is received.

 use network connections This permission is used to notify you when a network connection is unavailable. 

Questions? For more information about our privacy practices, please review our Privacy Policy.