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Our Story

PharmaGo was created to give YOU an interactive store experience from the comfort of your own home. PharmaGo connects you to your favorite local pharmacies so you can get your medical essentials on the GO!

Experience weekly promotions and specials when you shop with PharmaGo! Don't fret , we accept all medical aid details so you don't need to stand in long queues. 

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Our Mission

Pharma Go’s vision and mission is to provide pharmacies, drivers and customers with a seamless experience on the Pharma Go apps and web panel. The company has a stakeholder- based mission; this means Pharma Go is committed to satisfying all the stakeholders who use our services.Pharma Go does not simply hand over medicines packed in a bag; instead, the company effectively and efficiently connects the customer, pharmacist and driver partner. Pharma Go provides each of these stakeholders with the necessary tools and high-tech software to allow a smooth delivery with every order.